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Finally Tried Impossible Meat

The "meat"ball platter at Clover Food Lab

Today I finally made it to Clover to try out their Impossible Meat offering. It really exceeded expectations; it tastes just like real meat. If anything, there is a slight difference in texture.

According to Wired1 the “meat” achieves a similar taste profile by including heme:

Impossible Foods thinks the essence of a meat lies in a compound called heme, which gives ground beef its color and vaguely metallic taste—thanks to iron in the heme molecule. In blood, heme lives in a protein called hemoglobin; in muscle, it’s in myoglobin.


A birdhouse I found in a park in Brookline, MA

Women's March

Confront Intolerance
My IUD Last Longer
Make America Kind Again
Women's Rights = Human Rights

So honored to have a chance to march with more than 100,000 Bostonians in support of women today.